Envirotech and CeBIT – First Impressions

Envirotech and CeBIT – First impressions

An early rise with high expectations describes a beautiful Monday morning in Hannover as we start moving towards CeBIT. Though a location with its own train stop should set certain expectations about size, nothing could prepare us for the immense infrastructure we were about to enter. Our check-in was quick and after another 7 minutes on a bus within the location we were in hall 12, stand C04 – Envirotech Solutions.

Envirotech's stand for CeBIT 2016

Envirotech’s stand for CeBIT 2016

Though a good location, right by an entrance and the DCD main stage, our banners are delayed, causing us to run with a minimalistic, modern look, showing our dedication towards the environment.

A few hours and sandwiches later, we decided to split up, with one of us exploring while the other occupied our stand. The investments companies have made towards CeBIT ranges from simple stands to entire complexes for something like exhibiting modular data center solutions (ref. featured image above). Once again, from speaking with guests at our stand, as well as other exhibitors, Envirotech obtains confirmation its product is innovative, new and most importantly, highly interesting!

Green is the future as well as the present. Other interesting companies are focusing on green aspects as well, such as Supermicro, working with Intel on a much larger scale within data center support and management. Their slogan “We keep IT green” comes from a focus of providing hardware support in order to fully optimize and prolong its uptime, causing energy efficiency and physical waste.

20160314_154149 We Keep IT Green

Other stands exhibit anything imaginable within the data center industry, and then some! Not to mention, we are only speaking of Hall 12; a mere fraction of the 450,000m2 space available here at Messengelande, utilized only by CeBIT in this upcoming week. In the next days we will be looking to explore and learn more about what to expect of our market, competitors and industry, but more importantly what to expect from the future. Keep reading for further updates as the week progresses.

Messengelande, Hannover