Envirotech’s Road to Recognition

As CeBIT moves on to the second day, we seeing more and more people roll in to the expo, as well as the Envirotech stand here in Hannover. Consequently, Kristian and I (Kent) are becoming increasingly busy with explaining our concept to interested parties from all over the world. Thus far we’ve spoken to everything from an IoT expert from China to a German ministry representative. Some for the purpose of generating sincere business interest and others quite simply because we are so excited about our product and company, we want everyone to know about us!

Despite CeBIT disappointing slightly on the organizational side at their “Welcome Night 2016,” Monday evening, putting on a 2 hour show in German only, DatacenterDynamics, who is in charge of Hall 12, where Envirotech is located, has certainly impressed with their “International Buyers Club.” The club is exclusively for exhibitors and their guests, where we are able to work in piece, with free WiFi, food and drinks, none of which has been offered by CeBIT.  The club is run by very friendly staff who has helped us on multiple occasions, including the morning coffees necessary to get to a functional state!

International Buyers Club - CeBIT 2016

International Buyers Club – CeBIT 2016

We were excited to catch a brilliant presentation from Rittal and Lefdal Mines about their immense project currently going on in Norway. As you can see from the image below they have an unreal amount of space available below ground, with 120,000m2 of floor space, each side channel about 100m long and 80m high. The spiral connecting all 5 levels runs about 1.5km in length, with each level reaching about 600m in depth. With futuristic modular data centers from Rittal, this is certainly an eye-opener putting Norway on the map, showing that we are serious about entering the data center industry.

Rittal's Modular Designs for the Lefdal Mines

Rittal’s Modular Designs for the Lefdal Mines

Layout and Size Comparison of the Huge Lefdal Mines

Layout and Size Comparison of the Huge Lefdal Mines

We are constantly trying to suck up all the knowledge being offered here at CeBIT. We keep learning and updating ourselves on the industry, and as we progress, the industry and the world will soon learn more and more about Envirotech, the technology, the people and the opportunity!