Green, Live Data Centers and Virtual Technology

You never entirely know what to expect when you set foot in a data center convention center. The Data Centre World expo was no exception. There are few things to lift the end-of-day mood more than someone trying to catch basketballs with their head in a virtual reality (see image further down). Envirotech was represented both days of the event and got to see exhibitions, not only from DCW, but all the following industries:

logo_dcw2 Cloud Security Expo       Cloud Expo Europe Smart IoT London

The fast growing nature of the expo seemed evident as tight spaces and a crowd was the norm when trying to find your way through the labyrinth of industry professionals. However, none of this mattered, as the atmosphere among exhibitors was unlike any expo in the past. Energy levels were through the roof, good humor and laughs were heard at every stand with a small, social hangout spots for networking on every corner.

                A vast majority of stands had brought in prototypes as well, anything from smaller cables to massive engines to, well, a live data center. When you get to experience going in to one of the newest, greenest, most modern data centers in existence, you get a whole new respect for the industry. DCW genuinely makes you feel like part of an exclusive group with its warm and welcoming.

20160413_130940 20160413_153827

                 Once again a successful exhibition from Envirotech`s point of view. Every day we get our name out there to a broader audience, make new connections and perhaps most importantly, learn more about what goes on in the global markets. The world`s data center conventions will keep seeing Envirotech in the future as this little startup from Norway is now starting to establish itself with a presence internationally. We look forward to seeing you on the next big event!

Don`t forget to take a look at Envirotech`s website for more imformation!