Lessons From CeBIT 2016

The remainder of Envirotech`s week at CeBIT was similar to that of our first couple of days. Daytime consisted of speaking to interesting people from all over the world, whether visitors at our stand or exhibitors at the Expo. Evenings were spent exploring the culinary and social scenes of Hannover, none of which ever disappointed!

A couple of days have passed since we said goodbye to CeBIT and the thoughts around what impressed us are becoming more obvious, along with the areas we feel the Expo could need a bit of work. We are hoping to come back to CeBIT in the future, not to mention to anyone reading who are contemplating taking the time and money to visit Hannover in March should take a quick look here and let these points weigh in on their decision.


What impressed us


We knew the Expo would be big, but we were not even close to prepared to the immense infrastructure we were entering. With 8500 exhibitors, two separate bus routes inside location, their own train stop and 450,000 square meters in area you will surely find exactly what you are looking for. The only draw-back is you will not stand a chance if you intend to catch everything going on. You must do your due diligence and plan well ahead of time if you intend to visit.


CeBIT brings all sorts of people from all over the world. Few places on earth provide more convenient grounds for getting to know people in all tech industries from all corners of the world. At CeBIT people come together regardless of background and position and get to know each other, discuss past, present and future over a good litre of beer and a sharp 2cl of Jägermeister. Whether you are looking to learn, find a job, offer a job, sell, buy, connect… you can do it all in Hannover during this Expo.


Following up on the ability network, the opportunities are also incredible. No matter how particular the niche of your industry, or the industry you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find individuals or companies with similar passions. No matter how big or how small, there is always opportunity at CeBIT.

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German, German, German…

By all means, we have nothing against our dear friends in Germany, we understand they are the ones hosting the event, nor do we mind their language. However, when we attend the, alleged, largest, most internationally renowned computing Expo in the world, I don`t find it unreasonable to think it would have been adapted to an international audience. Instead, the entire welcome night took place in German, Magazines and newsletters available for visitors were often not found in English and about half of the presentations by our stand (DCD Main Stage) took place in German. As someone who does not speak the language well enough to follow a presentation, I find it quite frustrating when I may have looked forward to hear/learn about something and I find that I am unable to simply because of the language.

Lack of Tech Utilization

I know, right? At the world`s most renowned tech-expo? Well, the fact is from our impression, the exhibitors were the ones taking care of the tech part. CeBIT itself seem to be lagging behind with no digital tickets, slow and sloppy application, not to mention paper questionnaires… In here I will also mention the communication as correspondence ahead of the conference happened via email and we were promised important updates such as confirmation emails, which was never received on several occasions, telling me CeBIT needs serious work on their software. Lastly, we paid thousands for a stand, yet we show up and ask for WiFi a young man shows me a list of prices, by the hour. It was so bad he was even embarrassed to tell me I had to pay for using WiFi.


Conclusion for CeBIT

All in all, CeBIT 2016 is considered a success. Envirotech has learned a lot about the industry, industry players, not to mention gotten a clearer picture of our role within the industry. Though we experienced some drawbacks to the event, the foundation and all the factors are there for this Expo to have it all. We hope to see the CeBIT team work towards improving for the next time we come to visit. If you are a tech enthusiast, we would recommend you look into taking a trip down to Hannover for their 2017 Expo.